salvage towing


  1. If you have decided to Junk your car for cash. Talk it over with your other half  If you have one, If  both agree. proceed to next step.
  2. use the gasoline of course if it is drivable.  Enjoy those last minutes on your old car. If your car isn’t running, be careful if you attempt to siphon gasoline from the tank. Use only approved containers, and never start a siphon using your mouth. Don’t worry about the value of the gas to the junk car buyer. They’ll have to drain all the fluids out of your car before recycling or scrapping the parts.
  3. Selling a junk car to Junk car buyers, It don't have to be super clean, little trash is fine. just remember a junk car is not a dumpster,
  4. Get your paper work together Title or registration, Remove your license plates from the vehicle.
  5. Before you schedule a junk car removal: make sure you get out all your personal belongings. Look under the seats, glove box, above visors, trunk. Look for insurance cards old registrations, take out anything with your personal information. This one is important but make sure you tell them. Take any newer components that you can used or sell. like, battery, alternator, starter, car stereo, speakers. any thing that you can sell for more. 
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